This guide explains how to integrate Chargify subscription information into LeadDyno. LeadDyno is able to seamlessly integrate with Chargify for subscription information. All Charfigy subscriptions are automatically sent to LeadDyno to track conversions, cancellations, and affiliate compensation.

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Install Lead Tracking Code

The first step to enable the integration is to make sure that you are properly capturing lead sources through LeadDyno’s Lead Tracking functionality.

You can install this code either on your own payment/sign-up form, or using Chargify’s Public Signup Pages.

If using Chargify’s Hosted Pages, include the code in the format as follows:

jQuery.getScript( "", function(){
    LeadDyno.key = "YOUR PUBLIC KEY";

Where YOUR PUBLIC KEY is the Public Key found on the account settings page.

Chargify Webhook Configuration

In order for LeadDyno to receive events about subscriptions made by your customers, you must configure a Chargify Webhook to be sent to LeadDyno. To do so, first go to Config > Settings > Webhooks.

Check the Send Webhooks to my Webhook Endpoint(s) and click Add New Endpoint button.

In the Webhook Endpoints box enter the following URL:

Replace YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY with your "Private key" found by visiting LeadDyno > Settings.

Under Webhook Subscriptions click the checkbox next to  Payment Success and Subscription State Change and click Save.

You are now configured. 

To test the webhook in Chargify go to Actions > Test. If the test is successful a message will display at the top of the page "A test webhook was successfully sent to".

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