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  • REST API Introduction

    In this article Overview Authentication Error Handling Versioning Parameters Limits Resources Visitors Get all visitors Get a count of all visitors Create a new visitor Create many visitors Get a

  • Affiliate Commission Plans

    In order to pay out your affiliates, you will need to define Commission Plans that specify how much an affiliate receives for each purchase that they refer. The following guide will outline the basic

  • Per Product Commission

    For Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Wix, and Infusionsoft users, we now offer the ability to seamlessly track commissions from individual products within purchases. This feature will allow you to

  • Commission Payout Status Definitions

    In LeadDyno, the following commission payout statuses exist: Paid Due Upcoming/Pending Cancelled "Paid" means that a commission was either already paid through one of the available affiliate payout

  • Recurring Commissions

    Recurring commissions are a means of telling your commission plan to recurrently produce commissions every month, initiated by a single purchase. They were added to the platform to support recurrent

  • Recalculating Commissions

    Sometimes you will want to recalculate existing commissions based on changes to your commission plans. There are two methods for you to do this. To recalculate in bulk, you must first head to your

  • MLM - Step By Step - 3 Level Affiliate Chain

    MLM can be confusing for new users. Commission plans with different levels, affiliate groups/types, payment amounts, and other settings can quickly become very complicated. The aim of this guide is

  • Customizing Your Affiliate Website

    Your Affiliate Website is the home page for your LeadDyno-powered affiliate program. You can find a link to it on your account page and it will look something like

  • Currency Control

    The following guide provides details on how to setup currencies for purchases and commissions. It also has a list of all currently available currencies. In this article Purchase Currencies Commission

  • Affiliate Compensation

    LeadDyno offers you the ability to pay your affiliates in a variety of ways. This guide will take you through paying an affiliate. Paying affiliates is done through the Pay Affiliates option under

  • Purchase Management

    In this article Viewing Purchases Creating Purchases Manually Editing Purchases Recalculating Commissions Add a description to your Commissions Purchase Approval Cancellations, Returns and Refunds

  • MLM - Multi Level Marketing Setup

    Multi-level marketing is a popular way to incentivize affiliates to recruit other affiliates by giving them additional credit for any purchases that their sub-affiliates generate. LeadDyno supports

  • New Customer Bounty

    Incentivize affiliates with a commission if they refer a new customer. The New Customer Bounty payment type applies only to new customers and not those customers who have previously made purchases

  • Affiliate Groups/Types

    Affiliate groups or types allow you to split your affiliates into groups. These groups can be designated different rights and obtain compensation from different commission plans. You can also limit

  • Paypal Buttons (Buy Now)

    This guide explains how to integrate PayPal one-time purchase and subscription buttons into LeadDyno. The integration between PayPal and LeadDyno allows automated tracking of lead conversion,

  • Getting Started with Affiliate Management

    Affiliate Management has never been easier. With minimal setup, you can create, monitor, and compensate your affiliates. This article walks you through everything you need to know that lives in the

  • Data Export Guide

    You can export data from your LeadDyno in CSV format. Currently, you can export Leads, Purchases, Affiliates, and Commissions. This guide will show you how to do each of these exports. In this

  • FAQ's

    Below are some frequently asked questions about LeadDyno affiliate tracking. If you are having trouble finding the answer to your question please contact us. In this article Installation Affiliate

  • Affiliate Imports

    Do you have affiliates you want to import or migrate to LeadDyno from another platform? If so, we’re here to help you upload these affiliates to get you up and running in no time. To get started,

  • WebHook Payment

    This guide explains how to implement a custom payment mechanism using Webhooks in LeadDyno. You may consider using this if you wish to implement your own compensation system (e.g. providing internal

  • Intro to LeadDyno

    LeadDyno provides you a simple, automated system for running an affiliate program and tracking where your leads are coming from. Getting started can take as little as a few minutes to a few hours

  • Coinbase

    LeadDyno offers an integration with Coinbase that allows paying affiliate commissions in bitcoin. This allows you to use your various Coinbase coins/wallets to pay affiliate commissions. Coinbase

  • Recurly Hosted

    This guide explains how to integrate Recurly purchases and subscriptions into LeadDyno. The integration between Recurly and LeadDyno allows automated tracking of lead conversion, cancellation, and

  • Cratejoy

    This guide explains how to integrate your Cratejoy e-Commerce site with LeadDyno. The integration between Cratejoy and LeadDyno allows automated tracking of visitors, leads, and purchases, along with

  • Affiliate Settings

    The following article includes expanded information on the features in Settings > Affiliate Settings. In this article Source Tracking Coupon Code Tracking Tracking Length / Frequency Other Settings

  • Javascript API Reference

    Overview This document details the LeadDyno JavaScript API. To load the JavaScript onto your page, place the following in the section of your website: <script type="text/javascript"

  • Affiliate Website Settings

    Your Affiliate Website is the home page for your LeadDyno-powered affiliate program. You can find a link to it on your account page and it will look something like

  • Testing LeadDyno

    At LeadDyno, we focus on tracking users while avoiding the pitfalls and potential future issues that come with Third-Party Cookies, but it does mean it can lead to more involved testing. In order to

  • Tax Reporting

    LeadDyno does not provide specific tax advice but does provide you with the ability to download a CSV with a list of total commissions paid to each of your affiliates for a given year. The CSV will

  • Paypal MassPay

    With PayPal MassPay you can pay out a large number of affiliates very easily and quickly. It takes a few steps to set up your PayPal account to be able to do automatic MassPay payments, but once it

  • Lightspeed

    LeadDyno offers a very simple integration with Lightspeed, making it incredibly easy to get an affiliate program going for your online Lightspeed shop. In this article Configuring your Lightspeed

  • Squarespace

    LeadDyno offers a very simple integration with Squarespace, making it incredibly easy to get an affiliate program going for your online Squarespace shop. In this article Requirements Configuring your

  • Email Preferences

    LeadDyno allows you to send email notifications to leads, affiliates, and admins. In this article Add new sender emails Edit admin email notification settings Add your custom SMTP settings Add new

  • Creating your Affiliate Network

    LeadDyno offers a variety of tools and resources to help you recruit affiliates to help you build your affiliate network. In this article Affiliate Invitations Link to your affiliate signup page

  • Affiliate Newsletters

    Affiliate newsletters let you keep your affiliates engaged in selling your product. You can use them to let your affiliates know about new features, sales, or products you have, as well as providing

  • Wordpress

    LeadDyno offers a custom WordPress Plugin that allows you to install the LeadDyno tracking code very easily onto your WordPress-powered website/blog and WooCommerce powered online store. Note: This

  • Shopify

    LeadDyno offers a One-click integration with Shopify, making it incredibly easy to get an affiliate program going for your online Shopify shop. In this article Connecting to Shopify A Note on