Affiliate Types

Affiliate types allow you to split your affiliates into groups. These groups can be designated different rights and obtain compensation from different commission plans. You can also limit affiliate sharing content to specific affiliate types/groups. 

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Managing Affiliate Types

Affiliate types can be created and accessed from a shortcut on the dashboard, or directly from the commissions tab.

Affiliate Type Options

Affiliate types have 3 main settings. The first, "default" determines which type newly registered affiliates will be assigned to. The second option, "can pre-register leads" allows the affiliate to enter the email addresses of potential leads that have not used the site yet. When someone visits the site and uses the pre-registered email address, they will automatically be assigned to the affiliate who has pre-registered them. The third option is archiving. An archived affiliate type will no longer be active.

Assigning a Type to Affiliates

Once you have created an affiliate type, you can manually set the type of your affiliate to include it.

Applying Commission for different Affiliate Types

Now that you have grouped your affiliates by type, you may also want to give them different commission amounts. When you are creating a commission plan, you can select the affiliate type for whom it will apply.

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