Deep Linking with Sub IDs

Sometimes you or your affiliates will want to deep link into your e-commerce website so that certain pages can be accessed more easily, for example an important product or set of products that they will be promoting. To this effect, we have created a feature called Sub IDs. Sub IDs allow you or your affiliates to create links to specific pages in your website, rather than being stuck with just one root URL.

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Enabling Sub IDs

To enable Sub IDs, head over to the dashboard customisation page and check the box labelled Enable SubIDs. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes.

Creating Sub IDs as the Merchant

Now that you have enabled Sub IDs, you can create them for affiliates on the affiliate page.

Creating Sub IDs as an Affiliate

When Sub IDs are enabled, affiliates can view the ones you have created for them, and create their own, on the affiliate dashboard.

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