Internationalizing Lead Dyno

If you are running an affiliate program in a non-english speaking country, or if you simply wish to tailor some of the language details of the affiliate dashboard to your particular use case, you can do so.

Adding Custom Wording

The first step in customizing the text on your affiliate dashboard is to go to the "Language" section of the Website tab:

Find The Text To Change

Once you have done this, locate the text that you wish to change on the affiliate dashboard. As an example, we are going to change the Home Page tab name to “Your Dashboard”:

In a browser like Chrome, right click on the element you wish to change and inspect the element to find the ID of the span surrounding it:

In this case, the ID is  affiliate-nav-homepage.

Add Custom Text For This Key

Next, add a name, value pair, separated by the equals (=) character, as seen below:

Here we have changed the text from "Home Page" to "My Home".

Click "Save All Changes" and then refresh your dashboard, and your text should now appear in place of the default:


Using this technique, as well as the built in editors for the major content sections in LeadDyno, you can customize and internationalize the language across your entire affiliate dashboard.

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