LeadDyno offers an integration with Klaviyo, automatically subscribing to your Klaviyo mailing list(s) whenever LeadDyno captures a lead and/or a new affiliate signs up.

Obtain A Klaviyo API Key

Open up your klaviyo.com account and click on your name in the top right corner and select Account

Click Settings then API Keys

Click on Create API Key to generate a new key. Once the new key is generated, edit the label to say "LeadDyno". Copy the Private API Key to your clipboard, as this will be the key to put into your LeadDyno settings in the next section.

Enable Klaviyo Integration Inside LeadDyno

Connecting your existing Klaviyo account is easy. Simply visit the Email Marketing apps section of the LeadDyno App Store, then click the Add button on the Klaviyo app.

You will be prompted to enter your API Key that you obtained from the last section. Paste the key into the text box and then click Connect.

Once connected, you will see all your Klaviyo lists and be able to select the lists to push affiliates and leads to. After making your selections, click Save.

You are now connected to your Klaviyo account, and affiliates and/or leads will now be automatically pushed to your Klaviyo list(s).


Integrating LeadDyno and Klaviyo is a very simple, yet powerful, process! Use Klaviyo to manage communications to your affiliates and/or leads with the benefit of synchronizing contact information in real-time with LeadDyno!

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