This guide explains how to integrate Stripe purchases and subscription into LeadDyno. The integration between Stripe and LeadDyno allows automated tracking of lead conversion, cancellation and affiliate compensation for purchases made via Stripe.

Install Lead Tracking Code

The first step to enable the integration is to make sure that you are properly capturing lead sources through the LeadDyno’s Lead Tracking functionality. Stripe only provides purchase and cancellation information and so lead tracking must be configured as well.

Enabling Stripe Integration

Once you have lead tracking enabled, enabling the Stripe Integration is a simple affair. Simply visit the  Payment Services page in the Integrations section:

And click the  Connect to Stripe button:

Stripe will ask you to approve the connection. Click  Connect my Stripe account:

You will be redirected back to LeadDyno:

And you are finished!

Stripe will now stream purchase and cancellation information to LeadDyno.

Disabling Stripe Integration

You can disconnect LeadDyno from Stripe by clicking the  Disconnect from Stripe button.


LeadDyno allows for discount codes in Stripe. It requires that an individual affiliate have an affiliate code in their LeadDyno account and a matching code added to Stripe. The process requires manually adding the code/coupon on both LeadDyno and Stripe. 

Add a coupon in LeadDyno on the Affiliates detail page. 

Add a matching coupon in Stripe.


LeadDyno is able to seamlessly integrate with Stripe. All Stripe transactions are automatically sent to LeadDyno to track conversions, cancellations and related affiliate compensation.

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