Paypal Merchant Account


This guide explains how to integrate the PayPal merchant service with LeadDyno. The integration between PayPal and LeadDyno allows automated tracking of lead conversion, cancellation and affiliate compensation for purchases made when PayPal acts as your merchant service.

Note: If you are using PayPal "Buy Now" buttons on your site, there is a simpler integration mechanism available. Please Click Here for instructions.

Configuring the Paypal IPN callback

To integrate Paypal’s Merchant Account functionality with LeadDyno, you must set up a global IPN callback to LeadDyno. This involves three steps, outlined below:

Step 1

Select the Profile section of your PayPal account

Step 2

Select the My Selling Tools sub-section of your PayPal profile

Step 3

Click The Update link to the right of the the Integrate PayPal payment notifications with my website text.

and then click Choose IPN Settings:

You will be taken to your IPN settings page

Set the Notification URL to:

where YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY is your LeadDyno Public API Key from your LeadDyno settings page.

Ensure that Receive IPN messages (Enabled) is selected, and then click Save


Paypal notifications will now be sent to LeadDyno when purchases and cancellations occur. After ensuring that LeadDyno’s lead tracking Javascript is properly installed on your site, you are done with the integration.

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