Paypal MassPay


With PayPal MassPay you can pay out a large number of affiliates very easily and quickly. It takes a few steps to setup your PayPal account to be able to do automatic MassPay payments, but once it is setup, the process to pay out affiliates is very simple.


The PayPal Payouts/MassPay integration requires that you have a PayPal business account. Click Here for more information.

Creating the PayPal Developer App

Step 1

Go to the PayPal Website and make sure you are logged into your account.

Step 2

After you are logged in, Go to the PayPal Developer Website.

You should see your name at the top-right of the page. Click it, and select Dashboard

Step 3

Confirm your account has payouts enabled by clicking the My Account option on the left menu and confirming there is a green checkbox in the Live column for the Payouts item. If there is an Enable link instead, click the link and fill out the information Paypal requires to enable Payouts. This may take a few days to Paypal to process. You can continue with this guide while they process your forms, but actual payouts will not work until this is enabled and a green checkmark is on this page.

Step 4

Click back on the My Apps & Credentials menu item, then scroll all the way down to the REST API apps section and select Create App.

Step 5

  • Under App Name type in LeadDyno Affiliate Payout
  • Select any value from the Sandbox developer account dropdown box.
  • Click Create App

  • Step 6
  • Make SURE to select Live at the top right of the page!
  • Click Show under the Secret: link. 

Step 7

The two values you need are the values under Client ID and the Secret. Copy and paste these values into a new temporary notepad document.

LeadDyno Integrations Settings

  • Make sure you are logged into your LeadDyno account.
  • Go to the LeadDyno Payment Services Integration Settings.
  • Click the Connect button for PayPal MassPay
  • Paste the Client ID value from the previous step into the Paypal App Client ID field.
  • Paste the Secret value from the previous step into the Paypal App Client Secret field.
  • Click Save

  • If the values were copied successfully, you should see the green Active check mark indicating the connection was successful.
  • Making Affiliate Payments
  • Go to the Commissions page within the LeadDyno app.
  • You can now select multiple affiliate commissions and choose Pay via Payal Mass Pay in the dropdown box, and the payment will be sent via MassPay!

  • Upgrading

If you have already been using PayPal MassPay and have not upgraded the connection since PayPal Deprecated the old Mass Pay API you will see the following warning on your PayPal MassPay integrations settings:

To fix your connection and avoid any potential distruption in MassPay functionality as PayPal end-of-lifes the old API click the Upgrade button.

You will be prompted for the Client ID and Secret settings as detailed earlier in this document. Follow the steps above to create a PayPal REST API App and then input the settings.

Click Save and LeadDyno will confirm the new settings can be successfully used to make MassPay payments and upgrade your connection.

The warning will go away and you can make MassPay payments just as before!


The PayPal MassPay integration is a quick and easy way to pay large numbers of affiliates with minimal effort!

If you have any problems creating the PayPal developer app, we can help! Contact

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