Manage Affiliates

Your Manage Affiliates screen is your centralized hub for efficient affiliate management and data exporting. Features of this screen include the ability to:
  • View affiliate revenue, commissions and conversion rate within the activity date range that matters most to you
  • View activity across all affiliates or by affiliate group
  • Filter affiliates by status - including active, pending and archived
  • Gain comprehensive details around your affiliates including revenue generated, commissions, conversion rate, affiliate group, and status
  • Import affiliates, add affiliates and change the status of affiliates
  • Export data, including key metrics such as "new customer purchases generated" and "repeat customer purchases generated", along with “total purchases generated” within the activity date range you have selected

Here's what we will cover in the article below:

About the Manage Affiliate Screen 

Where to locate the Manage Affiliates screen

You can find the Manage screen under the Affiliates section in the left-hand menu. From this screen, you’re able to create affiliates, see the specifics of affiliate contributions to your program, and import and export the data you need. 

Activity Date Range Filter, All Affiliate Groups, and All Affiliate Statuses 

At the top of the screen, you're presented with an Activity Date Range filter, an Affiliate Group filter, and an Affiliate Status filter. 

Full view of the Activity Date Range Filter 

Set a date range to view affiliate-related activity data within the specified time frame or choose “All Time” to see affiliate contributions to date. It's important to mention that when you choose "All Time," you gain access to all affiliate-related activity data, starting from your oldest recorded affiliate up to your most recent affiliate.

Full view of Affiliate Groups

The function of the Affiliate Group filter is to view affiliate data pertaining to specific affiliate groups. The ability to access affiliate data for specific groups allows for more targeted decision-making, which in turn enhances your understanding of how each affiliate contributes to your affiliate program.

Full view of Affiliate Statuses

The Affiliate Statuses filter displays all statuses or allows you to choose between your active, pending, or archived affiliates. Through this feature, you’re able to easily select a specific status and view the affiliates within that status and the data relating to their performance. For example, perhaps you want to identify which affiliates are currently active and what their conversion rates are or, maybe you want to offer support to pending affiliates to help them get setup. You may even want to use this feature to keep an organized record of archived affiliates and their previous activities, which could help you maintain a comprehensive overview of your program's history. 

Affiliates Table

The "Affiliates" table provides you with the details you need to make decisions. You can sort columns, and search for specific affiliates through the affiliate email, names, or code. 

Full view of "Actions"

With the “Actions” filter, you have the ability to archive, or unarchive selected affiliates, and resend the welcome email. 

How to view an Affiliate's profile

To view a specific affiliate's full details, or to approve or reject a pending affiliate, click on the name of the affiliate, and you'll be taken to a different screen that shows that affiliate's details, along with approval, rejection and editing capabilities.

Affiliate Profile

Importing Affiliates

Import Affiliates 

To import affiliates' data refer to this dedicated guide on how to import affiliates to your affiliate program. 

Exporting Affiliates

Ability to export details from Manage Affiliate screen to CSV

You can export affiliate data into a spreadsheet by clicking the Export to CSV button. 

Full view of Export Affiliates to CSV with additional export options

When you click on the Export to CSV button, you have the ability to transfer affiliate data into a spreadsheet. The export will automatically include any selections you've made on the screen, such as Affiliates Group, Affiliate Statuses, or Date range. If needed, you can modify your export criteria directly from the export window. It's worth noting that when exporting affiliate data, additional fields like Leads, Affiliate Code, New Customer Purchases, Total Customer Purchases, and Repeat Customer Purchases can now be included in the exported data, even though they may not be visible in the Affiliates table.

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