Affiliate Overview

The Affiliate Overview screen is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the overall impact your affiliate program has on your business. This screen is where you can view:
  • Trends based on the date range that matters most to you
  • Performance across all affiliates or by specific affiliate groups
  • Affiliate driven profits, commissions, customers, and visitors
  • Your affiliate program's profit and conversion rate based on the date range selected
Where to locate the Affiliate Overview screen

You can find your Overview screen under the Affiliates section in the left-hand menu.

Date Range Filter

At the top of the screen, you're presented with a Date Range filter. Set a date range to view affiliate-generated revenue, paid and due affiliate commissions, affiliate-generated customers, and visitors referred by affiliates within the range you’ve selected. You can hover over the trending graphs to see more details around how this range compares to the previous range. Note, the date range you set will be applied to all aspects of the screen. 

Affiliate Group dropdown

You can also sort the screen based on All Affiliate Groups (to see results across your full program) or by selecting the affiliate group you’re most interested in, based on the date range you’ve selected. The Affiliate Group setting also applies to all aspects of the screen. Choose between different affiliate groups to see the full picture of your affiliate data across all performance metrics. Now more than ever you can truly see the impact your affiliate program is making on your business.

Date Range Filter and Affiliate Groups

For example, if you choose the last 7 days, it will display the results of an affiliate group's performance during that specific timeframe. This information helps you identify high-performing groups and replicate their strategies, while also highlighting areas that may require further attention or optimization. 

Affiliate performance based on key metrics

Located right below the Date Range filter, you will find a visually represented data-driven display showcasing how your affiliates are making a significant impact on the success of your affiliate program. This representation allows you to compare and assess the performance of your affiliates based on various metrics.

A review of key performance metrics

Your performance metrics include: 

  1. Profit (revenue generated by your affiliates minus due or paid affiliate commissions)
  2. Commissions (due and paid commissions)
  3. Customers (customers referred by affiliates)
  4. Visitors (visitors referred by affiliates) 
Indicators of performance compared to the previous date range

You can see how the current date range compares to the previous one by noting the small numbers in either green (an improvement) or red (trailing where you were in the same previous date range).

Trending graphs

The different trending graphs give you an illustrated glance at how your affiliates are progressing. In the Purchases trending graph, view your number of affiliate-driven purchases compared to the sales amount generated by your affiliates.

Trending graphs

In the Profit trending graph, view affiliate-driven sales and the commissions generated. In the Conversion Rate graph - see how your affiliate-driven visitors are converting to customers. In any of the trending graphs, you can simply click on the legend to view all or only one element. For example, in the Purchases trending graph, you can remove purchases to just see your sales trend line. 

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