The LeadDyno Clicky integration allows you to receive information related to the activity of your LeadDyno affiliates from your LeadDyno affiliate dashboard on your Clicky account's side. After connecting the Clicky integration, information such as Visitors, Actions, or Average time per visit will become available in Clicky for your LeadDyno affiliate program.

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Connecting To Clicky

To get started visit your LeadDyno Dashboard > Apps > + App Store > Other > Add Clicky. 

You will then be prompted to provide your Clicky App ID and click Save.

If you don't know how to find your Clicky App ID, please first ensure that you have already created a site on Clicky's side using the "Add New Site" option

Then, please click on Prefs for your new site.

That's it, your Clicky App ID should now get displayed in the Site ID section on Clicky's side.

Limitations / Known Issues


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