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The Visitors area of LeadDyno gives you a critical insight into how your affiliate program contributes to bringing in new visitors to your website/store. Quickly assess the impact on new website visitors with the Affiliate Only toggle, which separates visitor traffic from affiliates, campaigns, and direct visits. Easily track trends and compare sources to inform your business decisions with our analysis and reporting. Let us guide you through the process.

Viewing Visitors 

You can find your Visitors in the Reporting section.

Get a clear view of your website visitor traffic with the convenient date range, allowing you to select data up to 18 months old. Analyze all visitors - Affiliate, Direct, and Campaign - for a selected date range, and compare it to previous periods to understand your sources' impact on your results. Get more insights by hovering over the pie chart. The date range selected will also be applied to exports.

Easily evaluate the impact of your affiliate program with the new Affiliate Only toggle. With the Affiliate Only toggle on, you can now view the full screen in terms of your affiliate program-driven visitors. Toggle it off, and now you can compare all your sources. Get a comprehensive understanding of your visitor numbers and see the real impact of your affiliate program.

The top section on the Visitors screen shows you a visual representation of how your sources are contributing to your overall visitor numbers. Your sources include your affiliates, any campaigns you have set up, and "direct" traffic, which includes people that have visited your website directly, without being referred by an affiliate or through a campaign. Compare the current date range to the previous one with easy-to-interpret color coding - green for improvement, red for trailing where you were in the same previous date range.

There's also a trending graph that gives you a quick glance at how things are progressing. Here, you can view overall visitor numbers vs affiliate visitor numbers.

The All Visitors table provides you with the details regarding each individual visitor that was tracked. You can sort columns, or search for specific source details (i.e. a specific domain or email).

To view a specific visitor's full details, click on the location of that visitor. The resulting detailed screen displays the First Seen date (when they first visited your site) and Last Seen date (when they last visited your site), giving you a complete picture of the visitor's activity on your site.

Exporting Visitors

You can export visitor data, by clicking the Export to CSV button. Any selections you've made on the screen (i.e. Affiliates Only toggle, selecting a specific visitor source or date range) will be pre-selected for your export. You can update your export criteria from the export window. In addition, Premium customers only can also export Annual data for previous years by selecting “Historic Annual” and choosing the year of their preference. 


Note, for  non-Premium customers, data is available for up to 18 months.

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