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About Customer Reporting

The Customers area of LeadDyno gives you insight into how your affiliate program contributes to the growth of your customer base. 

Viewing Customer 

You can find your customers reporting screen under the Reporting tab in the left-hand menu.

At the top of the screen, you're presented with a date range and an Affiliate Only toggle. Set a date range to view affiliate referred customers in comparison to direct and other customer sources for the selected date range, you can hover over the line graph to see more details, (the date range will be applied to all aspects of the screen including if you generate an export). 

The main purpose of the Affiliate Only toggle option is to see how this data compares to the previous date range (i.e. if you select last 7 days it will show you results for new customers from the last 7 days and also compare that against the previous 7 days). See how your different sources contribute to your bottom line. Toggle it off and you can see the full picture of your customer data across all sources. Now more than ever you can truly see the impact your affiliate program is making on your business.

The top section on this Customers screen shows you a data-driven visual of how your sources (affiliate customers, direct, and other) are contributing to your total customer base. Your sources include your affiliates, "direct" (i.e from your site), or "other" sources (i.e. such as manually entered). You can see how the current date range compares to the previous one by noting the small numbers in either green (an improvement) or red (trailing where you were in the same previous date range).

This trending graph gives you an illustrated glance at how things are progressing. View your overall customer base against affiliate-driven customers. You can simply click on the legend to remove or add items such as 'Overall Customers' and 'Affiliate Customers'.

The "All Customers" Table provides you with the details you need to make decisions. You can sort columns, and search for specific emails, or names to find a customer, you also have the ability to search and filter by sources using the “source dropdown. You can also refer to this table for the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer, giving you the opportunity to gain quick visibility into the source driving your customer with the highest LTV.

To view a specific customer's full details, click on the email of the customer, and you'll be taken to a different screen that shows that customer's details, along with editing capabilities.

Exporting Customers

You can export customers' data into a spreadsheet by clicking the Export to CSV button. Any selections you've made on the screen (i.e. Affiliates Only toggle, selecting a customer status or date range) will be pre-selected for your export. You can update your export criteria from the export window. 

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