LeadDyno offers a One-click integration with Shopify, making it incredibly easy to get an affiliate program going for your online Shopify shop.

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Connecting to Shopify

First visit the  E-Commerce Services Tab of the Apps section:

Or click Here if you already have a LeadDyno account.

Next fill in your Shopify shop name (e.g. ‘’):

then click  Connect to Shop:

You will be asked to log into Shopify:

Once you log in, after a brief pause, you will be redirected back to LeadDyno, which should show you as connected:

And  that’s it!

You can disconnect LeadDyno from your Shopify shop by clicking the  Disconnect from Shopify button.

A Note on Multiple Stores / Accounts

If you have multiple shopify stores that you would like to connect to LeadDyno, there are a few things to be aware of. First, each store will require its own LeadDyno account. LeadDyno automatically creates an account for your store when you add the LeadDyno app to your store if you are not signed into LeadDyno. But, if you are already signed into LeadDyno when you add the app to your store - perhaps because you have recently connected LeadDyno to another one of your Shopify stores - we will link the new store to this LeadDyno account. In some cases, this is not the desired behavior, so it is best to be totally logged out of LeadDyno when adding the LeadDyno app to your store. This will prevent accidentally breaking the connection between your LeadDyno account and any previous store that might have been connected to it.

So simply remember - when adding the LeadDyno app to additional Shopify stores, first visit and make sure you are logged out.

Coupon Code Integration

To set up the coupon codes go to the LeadDyno App > Apps > Shopify Edit. Here you can change both the "automatic discount" and also the default % for new coupons uploaded to Shopify. Once enabled we auto-upload coupon codes with a discount to Shopify when the affiliate selects a code as long as you (as a merchant) have the discount amount set in that settings page. 

Also, "Use Shopify Automatic Discount URL" When enabled we will automatically add the affiliate coupon code to the cart when an affiliate link is clicked so at checkout the customer doesn't have to do it manually. 


At this point your Shopify shop will be fully integrated with LeadDyno, which will track the source of all incoming leads, including affiliates and tracking campaigns.

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