Commission Payout Status Definitions

In LeadDyno, the following commission payout statuses exist:

  • Paid
  • Due
  • Upcoming/Pending
  • Cancelled

"Paid" means that a commission was either already paid through one of the available affiliate payout options or that it was marked as "Paid" through the Manual payout option.

"Due" means that a commission needs to be paid whenever possible (if specific timeframes are mentioned in your affiliate program's terms and conditions), as the period of time after a commission becomes due, that was set through the "When" commission plan setting, has passed.

"Pending" is the first status of a commission before it becomes either "Due", "Paid", or "Cancelled".

"Cancelled" means that a commission was either automatically cancelled because a customer cancelled/refunded their order or manually cancelled because of an affiliate program manager's decision.

To filter the commission based on the statuses mentioned above, please visit Commission > Pay Commissions > Click All Commissions tab. Here, you can select between All, Paid, Due, Upcoming, Cancelled.

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