Affiliate Invitations

Automatically invite new customers to join your affiliate program. Any time a customer completes a purchase on your website LeadDyno will send an email on your behalf inviting that customer to join your affiliate program. 

To get started, visit Affiliates - Emails and then select the Affiliate Invitations option to enable automated invitation emails. 

To get started, make sure the Affiliate Invitation Email is checked. Choose the sender email and add an email subject line. Enter body text and make sure the $VIRAL_URL$ is included in the email and click SAVE.

The following email variables can be used for your affiliate invitations:

  • $VIRAL_URL$ - The one-click link to join the affiliate program.
  • $LAST_NAME$ - The customer's last name.
  • $FIRST_NAME$ - The customer's first name.

By default, affiliate invitations are automatically sent to your customers to join your affiliate program when the Affiliate Invitation Email is enabled. 

Setting a time delay for when to invite a customer to join your affiliate program can be done by choosing the "Delayed" option at the top of the Affiliate Invitation Email section, and then adding the time delay of your choice. You can add time delays in minutes, hours, or days.

To preview your invitation email click Send Preview > Enter your email address > Click OK.

Note: The preview email will not contain the live links and will display as variables. The email variables will only appear in the live emails.

Note: The affiliate invitation email will only get sent once for each customer, when they first get tracked as leads.

As always, we are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.