Email Preferences

LeadDyno allows you to send email notifications to leads, affiliates, and admins. 

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Add new sender emails

Add additional senders for your automated emails including 

To get started, visit SettingsEmail Preferences, enter the sender email address and click Add Email

Each sender email will need to be verified by clicking a link in a test email that is sent to the Sender Email.  

If our verification email doesn't reach your inbox, please check your spam/junk folders, whitelist the domain, and retry the verification process again.

Please note that the emails sent through the newly added email address will still be delivered by LeadDyno. If you wish to deliver the automated emails from your mail server, please check the Add your custom SMTP settings.

Edit your admin email notification settings

You can also choose which email notifications get sent to the LeadDyno account owner's email address. 

You can opt to receive the following notifications:

  • On Affiliate Signup - Anytime a new affiliate signs up you will immediately receive an email. 
  • On Purchase - Select when to receive an email notification for a purchase recorded in LeadDyno. Your options are Always, Never, Affiliate Related, or Affiliate or Campaign Related (Purchases tracked using Tracking Campaigns)
  • Weekly Summary - Receive a summary email with any updates to your program. 
  • Monthly Comp Reminder - If you have commissions that need to be paid to affiliates you will receive a monthly reminder to pay your affiliates. 
  • Additional Recipients - Send a copy of the emails listed in this section to other team members. 

After you make the desired email notification changes, Click Save Notification Preferences.

Add your custom SMTP settings

With LeadDyno you can set up your own mail server to send Automated Affiliate Emails. By default, all emails are sent with LeadDyno as the sender, using the or the format.

If you want to use your own domain instead for sending automated emails view our detailed guide on custom SMTP

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.