Automatically add new leads or affiliates to your AWeber mailing lists

LeadDyno offers an integration with AWeber, automatically subscribing to your AWeber mailing list(s) whenever LeadDyno captures a lead and/or a new affiliate signs up. Integrating LeadDyno and AWeber is a very simple, yet powerful process! Use AWeber to manage communications to your affiliates and/or leads with the benefit of synchronizing contact information in real-time with LeadDyno.

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Enable AWeber integration inside LeadDyno

Connecting your existing AWeber account is easy. Simply visit Apps > Add an App > CRM tab of the Integrations section, then click the Add button on the AWeber card.

Click Obtain AWeber Authorization Code.

This will open a new window and AWeber will ask you to log in to your AWeber account.

Once you log into your AWeber account, AWeber will provide you with an authorization code.

Return to LeadDyno and paste in the entire value of your authorization code from the AWeber page and click Connect.

You are now connected to your AWeber account!

To pick which lists leads and/or affiliates are subscribed to, make the selections and click save.

Re-Synchronize Existing Affiliates

To upload all of the affiliates in your LeadDyno account click Re-Synchronize Existing Affiliates

Edit Settings

If you ever want to adjust the settings of the syncing of leads or affiliates to AWeber visit Apps > AWeber > Edit. 

Edit the settings below to change whether new affiliates or leads should be uploaded to AWeber. 

Limitations / Known Issues

  • LeadDyno does not upload leads that were in your LeadDyno account before authorizing the integration. You have the option to manually export leads from LeadDyno and import them to AWeber if you require this data. 
  • The integration is one direction and LeadDyno only sends data to AWeber and does not collect any changes made in AWeber.
  • Affiliate attribution data will not get sent for your tracked leads to AWeber, only the following fields can get sent: Email, First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone, Address, City, State, Zip.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.