Intro to LeadDyno

LeadDyno provides you a simple, automated system for running an affiliate program and tracking where your leads are coming from. Getting started can take as little as a few minutes to a few hours and, with our premium plans, LeadDyno developers can assist you and your team as you get LeadDyno dialed in for your website. 

Below is an overview of what LeadDyno can do for you.


Installation of LeadDyno typically involves three steps:

  1. Add a bit of Javascript to your site header, similar to Google Analytics. This will track the visitors to your site.
  2. Add a bit more Javascript to capture customer emails as well.
  3. Finally, depending on how your online business works, you will need to implement purchase tracking.

Typically, this can all be done quickly by using one of our one-click integrations or in a few minutes by your web developers.

Note: If you are using a platform that we integrate with, such as PayPal or Shopify, your installation may be much simpler. View our integrations

Customizing Your Affiliate Home Page

LeadDyno provides you with a custom Affiliate Home Page, which you can find on your Marketing Contents Page.

New affiliates can sign up from this page and existing affiliates can log in to their Affiliate Dashboard to monitor their progress and share their affiliate link.

Your Affiliate Home Page is fully customizable allowing you complete control over the brand of your affiliate program.

Creating Commission Plans

In order to compensate your affiliates, you can design Commission Plans, allowing you to pay commissions over a period of time, as a percentage of sales, as a fixed amount, and even as a multi-tiered affiliate program.

Creating Social Content For Your Affiliates

You know how to market your product better than your affiliates will. LeadDyno allows you to author content for your affiliates to broadcast via social networks, email, and the web.

The Core Social Content section of LeadDyno allows you to author the content that will be broadcast from the sharing buttons on your affiliate’s dashboard.

The Additional Affiliate Content section of LeadDyno allows you to author additional content for the affiliate to share (e.g. banners, additional tweets or Facebook posts, etc.)

Staying In Touch With Your Affiliates

LeadDyno’s Automated Affiliate Emails provide an easy way to stay in touch with and motivate your affiliates. Additionally, you can use Affiliate Newsletters to get fresh content out to your affiliates and keep them engaged.

Turning Customers Into Affiliates

One of the most powerful concepts in online marketing is Viral Marketing. LeadDyno automates this process of turning your customers into affiliates and champions for your product by allowing you to create viral emails that will provide one-click affiliate sign-up or one-click social sharing. See our page on Email Follow Up for more information.

Managing and Paying Your Affiliates

LeadDyno allows you to pay your affiliates in various ways: online via PayPal, bulk pay using PayPal MassPay, or manually via check or money order. Creating new affiliates is simple and efficient, and will create a new custom affiliate dashboard for each affiliate you add.

LeadDyno provides much more than affiliate management. Here are a few other features you can use to optimize your online marketing efforts:

AdWords Tracking

The same tracking technology that LeadDyno uses for affiliate tracking can be used to optimize your AdWords spend. Which campaigns are producing the most leads? The most purchases? The fewest cancellations or refunds? Understanding this is easy when you use LeadDyno tracking with AdWords.

Email List Tracking

Another common online marketing channel is via email lists. By using a LeadDyno Tracking Campaign for each paid email placement you purchase, you can see end-to-end click, lead, purchase, and cancellation information, allowing you to target successful email lists and abandon poor ones.

CRM Integration

LeadDyno integrates with common CRM applications as a lead generation front end, pushing lead source information into ZohoCRM or Hubspot If you use other online marketing tools like MailChimp, we’ve probably got an affiliate integration for you as well.

Lead Follow Up & Drip Sequences

In addition to viral-style emails, LeadDyno provides simple lead follow-up email functionality, which you can use to engage your customers, thank them for purchases, inquire after cancellations, etc. And of course, if you have more elaborate email marketing needs, LeadDyno integrates with industry-standard tools like MailChimp.


As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.