Automated Affiliate Emails

LeadDyno is designed to automate your affiliate program as much as possible, and one of the best tools for doing so is email. LeadDyno allows you to send emails to affiliates on various events to provide them information as well as keep them engaged.

The types of emails include: 

  • When an affiliate is created or signs up
  • When a lead signs up from an affiliate
  • When a purchase occurs from an affiliate’s lead
  • A weekly summary email of statistics

These emails will keep your affiliates actively engaged, driving more traffic and broadcasting your marketing message more effectively, with less effort on your part.

Configuring Emails

Click the Automated Affiliate Emails item in the Tools menu to see all the supported affiliate emails

You can edit and enable or disable each email by clicking on the  Edit button.

When editing an email, you can enable or disable the email, set the From email address and change the subject or body:

Each email has some template variables available in it that allows you to specialize the email for affiliates. You can see the available variables by clicking the plus-icon next to the  Email Template Variables label.

Affiliate Email Details

Below is an explanation of each automated affiliate email LeadDyno can send.

On Affiliate Signup

This email is sent when an affiliate first signs up and typically includes their affiliate link as well as a single-signon link that they can use to log into their affiliate dashboard with.

Weekly Status

This email is sent weekly to affiliates and includes statistics on their affiliate activity

On Affiliate Lead

This email will be sent when a lead from an affiliate signs up. Note that you can include the leads email if you choose.

On Affiliate Purchase

This email will be sent when a lead from an affiliate makes a purchase. As with lead signup, you can include the leads email if you choose.

Custom email sender for automated emails

You can set up your own mail provider for all the automated emails we sent, including the login links for your affiliates. As long as you're signed up for a transactional email service, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned in our SMTP Setup guide to set everything up.

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