SMTP Setup

With LeadDyno you can set up your own mail server to send Automated Affiliate Emails. By default, all emails are sent with LeadDyno as the sender, in the format. If you want to use your own domain instead, it requires setting up custom SMTP.

The process requires signing up for an account with an email service such as or, verifying your email/domain settings, and then obtaining the SMTP credentials and passing them on to us.

The main requirement for sending emails with your own domain is using a transactional email provider. The process involves signing up for an account with someone like or, verifying your email/domain settings, and then obtaining the SMTP credentials and adding them to your LeadDyno account. 

To set this up, go to Settings -> Email Preferences and find the  Custom SMTP Settings section.

Fill in the fields with the correct information coming from your transactional email provider. If you require more details about how you should fill in your fields, here are some tips that you'll surely find useful. These tips will be using Mailgun as an example:
  • SMTP Server: The server address needs to be in a format similar to this - (required)
  • SMTP Username: This is generated by your mail provider, and is different from your login/account credentials. The SMTP username from Mailgun will look similar to this - postmaster@sandboxa77ba********************* (required)
  • SMTP Password: Password for the username above, not to be confused with the account password (required)
  • Domain: The domain will be the same domain as the username will have (required)
  • Enable SSL: Some SMTP providers will require you to enable SSL Encryption. This depends mostly on the provider, and it will be specified in the SMTP Settings. (optional)
  • STMP Port (default is 587): You can leave this section blank since the default port is 587. (optional)
  • Affiliate Wrapped User (Advanced): In this section, you will add the user of the email you are setting up. By default, the value here will be 'info' so the emails will be sent from 

After all required fields are filled in, select the 'Save SMTP Settings' button and all emails will be sent with your custom domain. 
Once that's done, you'll be done! 

  • NOTE: If you are using Gmail/Google email service with 2FA-enabled, you will need to create a Google "App Password" by following the instructions in this link: Sign in with App passwords.


To test everything out, you will need to send an automated affiliate email. For example, you can sign up as a new affiliate if you have the 'New Sign-up' email enabled. 

Setting up SMTP with Google

If you would like to use Google in order to set up SMTP for your LeadDyno account, the first required step is to create an in-app password for your Google email address named "LeadDyno". This can be done as explained in Google's guide here.

Then, once you have created the "LeadDyno" in-app password, the following credentials need to be added to the Account - Email Preferences section of your account:

  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Username: your Google email address (example:
  • SMTP Password: here, you will need to add the "LeadDyno" in-app password you generated on Google's side.
  • Domain: here, you will add the domain used for your SMTP Username (example:
  • Enable SSL: disabled.
  • SMTP Port: 587.
  • SMTP Authentication: plain.
  • Affiliate Wrapped User: you only need to fill this if you wish to send the automated emails using a different email name (for example, if my email is, but I wish to send the emails from, I will add "support" here).

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.