Landing Pages

If you have a specific product page (or pages) created for specific marketing or advertising campaigns that you want to promote, you can do so by adding landing pages to provide direct links to pages other than your homepage.

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Add a landing page

To get started visit Website > Landing Pages > Add Landing Page

Add a title (i.e. Black Friday Sale), the URL for the landing page, select if you would like to restrict its visibility to one or more active affiliate groups and click Save Landing Page

After adding at least one landing page, a new section will appear on your affiliate's website called Landing Pages. Affiliates will be able to click "Copy" to share the link on their website or social channels. As visitors click through the landing page link, the statistics will be reflected on this page as well. 

Edit Landing Page

If you want to change the title or link visit Website > Landing Pages and click on the Landing Page Title. 

From here click on Edit Landing Page

On the detail page, you can change the title, the link, or restrict the visibility to one or more affiliate groups. With that said, we do not recommend editing any links that have been previously shared with affiliates. It is generally best to archive a landing page and create a new one. To archive a landing page, click the checkbox and click Save. 

Landing Page Analytics

Checking how many visits, leads, purchases, or cancellations have been tracked through your Landing Page links can be done by accessing Website > Landing Pages.

You can also see which specific leads or purchases have been tracked through a specific landing page by clicking on its name and then looking at the Leads & Conversions tabs.

Assign Landing Page to an Affiliate

Sometimes you may want to assign all traffic to a certain landing page on your site to a specific affiliate. This can be a powerful way to engage with influencers. LeadDyno supports a simple mechanism for assigning a page to your affiliate. Simply add the following javascript anywhere on the page:

<script>   window.lead_dyno_affiliate_email ="";</script>

That’s it! All traffic that lands on a page with this script in it will be assigned to the given affiliate.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.