Pay Affiliates with Cryptocurrencies

Our integration with Coinbase makes it easy to pay affiliates using cryptocurrencies in just one-click.

LeadDyno offers an integration with Coinbase that allows paying affiliate commissions in bitcoin. This allows you to use your various Coinbase coins/wallets to pay affiliate commissions. Coinbase handles the conversion from the native cryptocurrency value to the desired affiliate payout currency automatically at the time of the transaction.

For example, if your LeadDyno currency is set up for US dollars, and you select your BTC bitcoin wallet on Coinbase as the payment source, at the time of payout when you pay your affiliate, they will receive the equivalent BTC for the USD amount listed in the affiliate payout.

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Installation Instructions

To pay affiliates using cryptocurrencies using Coinbase, add the Coinbase app found in the Affiliate Payments section of the LeadDyno app store.

You will be prompted to allow LeadDyno access to your Coinbase account. Click Authorize to allow LeadDyno to send payouts on your behalf.

By default, we select your first Coinbase wallet as the source of funds. To change this, click the Edit button on the integration, select your desired wallet and click Save.

Now when you navigate to the Pay Affiliate Commissions page in the LeadDyno dashboard, you will see a new blue Coinbase button on each affiliate who is owed a commission. Click this button to pay the affiliate via Coinbase.

Note: The affiliate is paid via Coinbase using their email address on file at LeadDyno. Be sure that their LeadDyno email matches their Coinbase account email.

Two-Factor Authentication

If your Coinbase account has two-factor authentication enabled, you could be prompted for your 2-factor code when you click the Coinbase button. Fill in your 2-factor code from your authenticator app and click the Coinbase button again.

At this point, your account is fully integrated with Coinbase to be able to pay affiliate commissions using cryptocurrencies supported by Coinbase.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.