Below are some frequently asked questions about LeadDyno affiliate tracking. If you are having trouble finding the answer to your question please contact us

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How do I install LeadDyno on my website?

Installing LeadDyno is as simple as adding our javascript to each of your pages to enable tracking and then setting up purchase tracking. Learn more by reading our installation documentation.

How do I get the javascript to inject in my site?
For complete instructions on how to install LeadDyno, check out the installation documentation. Additionally, we offer a tool on your dashboard to provide the basic javascript tracking code.
How do I install LeadDyno on my Shopify or BigCommerce site?

For BigCommerce and Shopify users, we offer a simple one-click integration for each platform. To learn how to install LeadDyno on other platforms view our integration guides.

How do I install LeadDyno on my WordPress site?
LeadDyno offers a plugin for WordPress users to work with both Membermouse and Woocommerce payment platforms. Learn more at our WordPress integration page.
Do you support multiple / cross-domain tracking?

LeadDyno attempts to handle cross-domain navigation, but it is not 100%. We do our best efforts to track across domains, but many factors will cause it not to work, therefore we cannot provide support when it does not work. We do provide support for sub-domains

How do I install LeadDyno on multiple websites? 
To install LeadDyno on multiple websites, simply use the javascript code across each of your sites. Please note, we do our best efforts to track across domains, but many factors will cause it not to work, therefore we cannot provide support when it does not work.
Note: This will not work for multiple BigCommerce or Shopify integrations, as we can only integrate purchase tracking with one account at a time.
How do I test our LeadDyno installation?
Testing LeadDyno can be done by using an affiliate link in an incognito window or private session and going through the site flow. Our testing documentation provides a step-by-step overview of this process.
Can I track recurring purchases with LeadDyno?
With some payment integrations, you can seamlessly track recurring payments and subscriptions. For a complete list of recurring capabilities options view our integration capabilities.
Tracking isn’t working on my site, what do I do?
First, make sure you have properly followed the installation instructions or set up the corresponding integration. Then, proceed to test LeadDyno. Finally, contact support if necessary. 

Affiliate Management

How can my affiliates log in to their dashboard?

Affiliates have two main options for logging into their dashboards. On creation, you may send them a signup email that includes a direct sign-in link to their dashboard. As long as they keep this link, they can get in. Additionally, they have the ability to set up a username and password for authentication purposes. In the case of a forgotten password, they can use the retrieval system OR the account manager can log in for them to change their password.
How can I change the affiliate link?
You can change the affiliate link on the settings page in the Site URL field. View our guide to affiliate links
Can I use discount codes to track affiliates?
For certain integrations, we offer the option of discount code tracking. To find out if we support a specific integration please review our integration capabilities


What is a visit?

A visit is defined as someone landing on your site with the LeadDyno code.
What is a lead?
A lead is a visitor who has submitted their email address on your site, which is picked up either by our autoWatch function or by a specified form field.
What is a purchase?
A purchase notification is created when a lead purchases through your site.
How do I create a commission plan?
Creating a commission plan can be done on your configure commissions page. View our commission plan documentation.
How do I create a multi-level-marketing scheme?
LeadDyno offers MLM support by allowing you to set up tiers and referring affiliates. See our MLM documentation for further information.
Is shipping or taxes included in my commissions?
With any of our one-click integrations, it is not considered when factoring in a commission or showing prices. For example, if you sell something for $17.00 and shipping is $5.00, you will only ever see $17.00 in LeadDyno. For custom integrations and Infusionsoft, we take the whole purchase with shipping and taxes.
If an order is canceled will it cancel any pending commissions?

On most integrations, if an order is canceled the commissions will also be canceled unless the commissions are already due.  For this reason, we recommend to commissions are paid out a month so you don't pay out on refunds. To avoid not being able to automatically cancel commissions make sure the  When for your commission plan is set for a time period longer than Immediately. For more information view our guide on setting up a compensation plan

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.