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Source Tracking

Use these settings to determine who does or doesn't get credit for an affiliate referral.

First Affiliate Wins

This setting controls whether a customer can be re-assigned from one affiliate to another after using their link or discount code.

Example: Max (customer) is already assigned to Simon, but makes a purchase with Sally's affiliate URL.


If the First Affiliate Wins setting is set to "yes", the first affiliate will win (Simon). The customer will not be re-assigned to Sally.


If the First Affiliate Wins setting was set to "no", then Max would have been re-assigned to Sally. The first affiliate would not win. If it were still set to "no", and Max used Mary's link, Max would then get assigned to Mary (it continues to re-assign each time a new URL is used).

First Source Wins

When this feature is enabled a second visit to your site will never re-assign to a different affiliate, regardless of who referred it. 

If the first visit by a customer is direct, with no affiliate URL, they are counted as a "Direct" source.


If First Source Wins is set to "yes", then even when they use an affiliate URL, they will stay as a direct source. The affiliate will not get credit.

If they used an affiliate URL initially, then use another affiliate URL, they will not get re-assigned to the second affiliate.


If 'first source wins' is set to 'no', then the customer can get re-assigned between affiliates whenever they use a new affiliate URL. However, they will not become a direct source again if they visit the site without an affiliate URL.

Coupon Override

Allows coupon code usage to override the First Affiliate Wins and First Source Wins settings. It will reassign the lead to an overridden affiliate for the initial purchase and any future purchases. 

Note: If you turn on First Source Wins and First Affiliate Wins it is effectively First Source Wins.

Let Affiliates Use Their Own Affiliate Link

Use this setting to allow affiliates to earn commissions from clicking their own link. 

Coupon Code Tracking

Settings related to discount codes for affiliates. View our guide for more information on setting up affiliate codes and coupons

Automatically Create Affiliate (Discount) Codes for Affiliates

When creating a new affiliate, create an affiliate code for them automatically. Automatic codes are combinations of letters or numbers. 

Disable Affiliate Links & Use Discount Codes Only

Disable Affiliate Links & Use Discount Codes Only. 

(Please note once this setting is enabled, it will not prevent links previously used or affiliate/lead associations from continuing to be active)

Tracking length/frequency

Choose whether to reward affiliates for one or multiple purchases and for what time period.

Pay Commissions for Multiple Purchases

You’ll continue to pay affiliate commissions when referrals buy more than once from you.

Number of Months the Affiliate Referral Lasts

Choose how many months after the initial visit an affiliate can still earn a commission. Leaving the field blank will pay commissions forever. 

Other Settings

Other available account level affiliate settings.

Shorten Affiliate Links

Shorten affiliate links using the redirection service. All affiliate links will begin with rather than your website URL. 

Set UTM Parameters

Enable set UTM parameters to allow for more fine-grained tracking on certain platforms (e.g. Shopify).

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