Affiliate Codes & Coupons

Affiliate codes can be used for referral tracking and as coupon codes on certain platforms. Refer to our integration capabilities document to see which integrations support which features. And make sure to review the technical documents for each specific integration to view specific setup requirements and restrictions. 

(Codes/coupons starts at 1:49 in the video)

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Integrations that support auto-sync of coupon/affiliate codes

When auto-sync is enabled, platforms will recognize the coupon code assigned to a specific affiliate for tracking. 

Enable auto-sync coupon codes

To enable auto-sync visit Apps > and click Edit next to the integration.

Set Automatically Sync Affiliate Coupons to Yes. Choose a discount type and the amount of the coupon. The number chosen will be the same for all affiliates. And click Save.

If you want the coupon code to be automatically added to the shopping cart when an affiliate clicks a link enable: Use Shopify Automatic Discount URL. 

Integrations that support manual sync of coupon/affiliate codes

Requires that affiliate codes/coupons be added in LeadDyno and also add to the platform. The codes must match on both platforms to correctly track a sale. 

LeadDyno does not automatically upload a new coupon when an affiliate is created. You must manually add to both platforms.

To avoid having an affiliate change a manually added coupon code make sure to disable the ability for affiliates to edit their code in Website > Additional Settings. Make sure to uncheck Allow Affiliates to Edit Affiliate Code

Integrations with no coupon/affiliate code support

The following platforms do not support tracking affiliate sales by coupon code at this time. 

How to enable/create coupon/affiliate codes

There are two ways to enable coupon code tracking.

1. Manually assign affiliates a code

Go to Affiliates and select the affiliate and click Edit. Add an affiliate code with whatever word you choose. This process allows you to choose the code but is a manual process for each affiliate. 

Once assigned, a code will appear on the affiliate website dashboard.

2. Automatically generate codes for affiliates

To automatically create a code per affiliate go to Settings > Affiliate SettingsAutomatically Create Affiliate Discount Codes for Affiliates. Once enabled LeadDyno will automatically generate each affiliate their own trackable affiliate code. 

Allow affiliates to edit the affiliate code

The auto-generated codes are a short sequence of letters or numbers. To allow affiliates to edit their affiliate code enable this feature at Website > SettingsAllow Affiliates To Edit Affiliate Code.

Note: Certain integrations such as Stripe, Woocommerce, and Lightspeed, require manually syncing affiliate codes, in which case this option should not be enabled. 

Once enabled, affiliates will be able to edit their affiliate code on their affiliate website dashboard. 

Disable Affiliate Links & Use Discount Codes Only

LeadDyno has a feature that allows you to disable affiliate links and only use discount codes. 

Visit Settings > Affiliate Settings

You can also look for your affiliate by searching for them by their affiliate code. This can be done by adding the affiliate code inside the search bar when inside your main LeadDyno dashboard.

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