How to translate your affiliate website

If you are running an affiliate program in a non-English speaking country or want to update the affiliate dashboard terminology, you're in luck. LeadDyno has made it easy to change your dashboard's language for all of our users, no matter what language you need. 

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Changing your Affiliate Dashboard language

To change the language of your affiliate website visit WebsiteLanguage

Select one of the languages in our template list, then scroll down and hit " Save All Changes".

Add/edit language or terminology

If you want to use a language that is not on the list, start with any template and edit it to add your own language. The text to the left of the = symbol are the names of the variables. The text to the right of the = symbol are the fields you can edit. 

For example, to convert your custom language file to Polish,  we would change

affiliate-children-invite-link = Invite link
affiliate-children-invite-link =  link z zaproszeniem 

Once you are done editing click  Save all Changes.

If you just want to change the terminology you can do so like this:

affiliate-children-sub-affiliate = Sub-Affiliate
affiliate-children-sub-affiliate = Sub-Influencer

Once you are done editing click  Save all Changes.

Don't change the string present on the left side, only change the right side of the = symbol.

How to reset your language

To revert to English or your previous language, click Reset and then Select a Template.

Limitations / Known Issues

  • More languages will be added in the future.
  • The language feature allows you to set one language and does not allow for the affiliate to change to their preferred language. 
  • Once you load a template clicking Select a Template dropdown will only replace missing fields. If you want to completely switch languages and start from scratch click Reset and then Select a Template

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.