Data Export Guide

You can export data from your LeadDyno in CSV format. Currently, you can export Leads, Purchases, Affiliates, and Commissions. This guide will show you how to do each of these exports.

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Export Leads

Exporting leads can be done from the Traffic section. Once there, select Leads > Actions -> Export to CSV

Select a date range and choose between All, Registered, or Customer Leads and click Export to CSV.

After the export has been completed, click Download Results.

The exported CSV file will include the following data when available:

  • email address
  • added date
  • phone
  • address
  • tracking campaign
  • referrer
  • signup URL

Export Purchases

You can export purchases inside the Traffic section. Click on Purchases, and now you can click on 'Actions' to export your purchases in .csv format. Be sure to select, a few (or all) purchases for the data export to work.

 In the next step, you can select your 'Date range' and click 'Export to CSV'

After that, select 'Download Results' to download the file to your device.

The exported CSV file will include the following data when available:

  • Purchase
  • amount
  • status
  • email
  • created at
  • first name
  • last name
  • affiliate campaign
  • referrer URL

Export Affiliate Data

The following guide will show you how to export your affiliate data to a CSV file. 

To export your affiliate data, please go to Affiliates and select your desired timeframe.

Then, select the Export option and click on the "Export to CSV" button. Depending on the number of affiliates, the process may take a few seconds to a few minutes to process.

Exported data includes the following (if available):

  • Joined date
  • First / Last name
  • Affiliate type/group
  • Dashboard login link
  • Affiliate link
  • Paypal email
  • Affiliate code
  • Referring Affiliate
  • Status
  • # of Leads
  • # of Purchases
  • Total Commissions

Export Commissions

To export your commissions, visit Commission > Pay Commissions > Click All Commissions tab. Once there, be sure to access the 'Pay Commission' section and click on 'All Commissions'. Here, you can select between All, Paid, Due, Upcoming, Canceled. After you've decided, click Export to CSV.

You'll arrive at this screen where you need to select the Date Range you wish to download. Click on 'Export to CSV' when you're done to move on. After you've selected 

The exported CSV file will include the following data when available:

  • ID
  • Affiliate
  • Status
  • Created
  • Due
  • Paid Date
  • Customer
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Amount
  • Purchase Date
  • Commission Amount

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