Create affiliate signup forms that sync to your LeadDyno account

Integrate LeadDyno and JotForm to create a customizable affiliate sign-up form that you can add to your website. Jotform users can create forms using drag and drop form objects and/or complete templates that require no special technical knowledge. With our integration, you can directly import the data from your Jotform form into your LeadDyno account.  

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Getting the API key from JotForm

First, log into your JotForm dashboard, click on the avatar (My Account) and go to Settings.

Once there, go to the API section and click on 'Create New Key'. You'll now have a new API key.

Name the API KEY 'LeadDyno' and set the permission to 'Full Access'. This is needed to send affiliate data to LeadDyno.

Copy the key, and let's head over to LeadDyno to continue. 

Adding the API Key on LeadDyno

To add the API key on LeadDyno, you need to first log into your Dashboard and add the JotForm app. To do that, go to Apps. Here, navigate to the 'Affiliate Signup' section and click Add next to JotForm.

You'll be presented with this window where you can add your API Key. Paste the API Key and click Connect. 

You'll be presented with a configuration window. Here you'll select which forms to integrate and you can assign which Affiliate Groups the data affiliate joins. Our integration connects each form to LeadDyno individually, not the whole account. 

And we're done! With this, the integration process is over and each new affiliate that signs up via our selected JotForm forms will have their data sent to the appropriate Affiliate Group.

Setting up the form fields

  • All field names from Jotform must be identical to their equivalents from LeadDyno, to ensure data will be passed correctly. 
  • An email field is required to create a new affiliate. Email fields in Jotform are automatically mapped to their equivalents from LeadDyno.
  • The “Full Name” field type in Jotform is no longer compatible with the Jotform LeadDyno integration. To send name data from Jotform to LeadDyno, you can use the Short Text fields to create name fields as long as the field names are: “First Name” and “Last Name”. If you want to use a single field to capture first/last name, LeadDyno supports the following field names: “Name”, “Full Name”, and “Your Name”. 
  • If you are using Custom fields, they need to be created manually in LeadDyno. Make sure that each custom field from Jotform has the same name in your form.
  • If your affiliate program uses Multi-Level Marketing, you can add a 'Referring Affiliate' field to allow the affiliate to submit the form to become the 'child' affiliate of a 'parent' affiliate. 
  • If you add fields that are not mapped to LeadDyno the data will be collected by Jotform but not sent to LeadDyno. 

Limitations/Known Issues

  • Our integration is designed to import each form submission as an affiliate. We do not support importing this data as leads.
  • The Jotform integration can display up to 50 forms from your Jotform account.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.