Email Marketing Tracking

The Tracking Campaign feature in LeadDyno is an excellent way to track the exact number of clicks, leads, and conversions you are receiving from your email marketing campaigns. Create a tracking link to start tracking all of your links in your email newsletters or email marketing campaigns. 

To do so, simply create a Tracking Campaign to track the results of an upcoming email campaign. Place the link as your call to action link, so that LeadDyno can track the clicks, leads, and conversions you receive from the email.

By default, the link will point to your homepage. If you prefer to direct traffic to a specific landing page within your domain, simply place the tracking portion - from the “?” on - directly after the URL you are using as your landing page. For example: will track traffic and send visitors to

Email Call-To-Action Example

Here’s an example of a sponsored email advertisement, with a call-to-action that is being tracked via LeadDyno. The call-to-action at the end of the ad is hyperlinked to a LeadDyno campaign referral link

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