Adwords Tracking

Use LeadDyno’s Tracking Campaign feature to measure your PPC advertising investments alongside your other marketing efforts to see which ad groups and PPC mediums are bringing you the highest quantity AND quality of leads and conversions.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

We recommend using a unique LeadDyno Tracking Campaign for each Ad Group you are running within Google Adwords. Place the campaign link as the Final URL for each ad that you create within the Ad Group. The tracking code won't be displayed on Google but it will send visitors through your tracking.

This will place your pay-per-click lead and conversion tracking alongside your other marketing channels so that you can compare the various mediums and campaigns side by side.

Comparing Different Marketing Channels

Once you create multiple ads you will be able to see each campaign in your account. While the sample data below is for one campaign we recommend that you use a different Tracking Campaign for each Ad Group. 

Why Split By Ad Group?

We recommend segmenting your LeadDyno campaigns by AdGroup because we believe this is the largest determining factor in the quality of the leads you are generating. Ads are meant to be split-tested in order to boost response rates, but ad groups indicate the motivation – and the likelihood of buying – of your prospect. So we recommend “controlling” at the Ad Group level, which is the most detailed level of lead and conversion information you need. These numbers will also roll up and show you how well Google Adwords and Adsense are working out for you in general.

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