Launch and grow your referral program for your subscription service on Cratejoy

This guide explains how to integrate your Cratejoy e-Commerce site with LeadDyno. The integration between Cratejoy and LeadDyno allows automated tracking of visitors, leads, and purchases, along with affiliate commission generation and cancellation based on the order status within Cratejoy.

Choose the commission amount and how you want to pay your affiliates. Pay affiliates an ongoing percentage of the subscription boxes they referred, or a one-time payment.

Easy setup

Get your Cratejoy affiliate or referral program setup with LeadDyno and share with your friends and family.

More than affiliate tracking

LeadDyno is more than just affiliate program software. Start tracking sales, affiliates, and your other marketing campaigns from one dashboard.

Automate your marketing

Customers can be the best affiliates. Automatically invite your Cratejoy subscribers to join your referral program.

In this article

Adding LeadDyno Tracking To Your Cratejoy Theme

Note: If you change your Cratejoy theme, you will need to repeat the steps in this section for the new theme.

Step 1

Go to the Cratejoy Control Panel and make sure you are logged into your account.

Step 2

After you are logged in, make sure you have already installed a store design. Click the  Design link on the left navigation menu.

Step 3

Select  Designer for your currently published theme.

If you are presented with a warning box about editing your live theme, click the  Edit Live Store link, but be sure you are only making changes that are described in this document. If you are making other theme changes, it is recommended that you copy your theme and make the changes there, and then publish the changed theme.

Step 4

Once in the designer, click the  SEO Settings button: 

and then click the Site Settings button: 

Step 5

Scroll down to the bottom of the panel on the right to the  Footer Code section.

 and copy/paste the following code into the box:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  LeadDyno.key = "**YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY**";

where  YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY is replaced with your LeadDyno Public Key, available here:

After pasting in the code, click the green Save button at the top-right of the page.

You can now leave the designer view and go back to the main Cratejoy Control Panel.

Create Cratejoy API Credentials

Step 1

While back on the Cratejoy Control Panel, select the Settings option in the left navigation menu, and click API.

Step 2

From the API Credentials page, select the green  Generate a new key button:

This will pop open a box with your new Client ID and Client Secret Key:

These are the values that need to be added to LeadDyno. Either copy/paste them to a text document, or leave this browser tab open and open a new tab to the LeadDyno Dashboard.

LeadDyno Integrations Settings

Visit Apps > + App Store > Add Cratejoy

Paste the  Client ID value from the previous section into the Client ID field. Paste the Client Secret Key value from the previous step into the Client Secret Key field. Click Save.

If the values were copied successfully, you should see Cratejoy in your list of Installed Apps.

The Cratejoy integration is now connected, and as new Cratejoy orders are received, they will appear instantly within LeadDyno! If you have any problems creating the Cratejoy integration, we can help! Contact or use our in-app Live Chat to connect with a support representative.

Limitations / Known Issues

  • LeadDyno does not support affiliate coupon code tracking with Cratejoy. 
  • A Cratejoy paid subscription is required in order to integrate Cratejoy with LeadDyno.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.