Send notifications of LeadDyno events into Slack

LeadDyno is an affiliate tracking and referral marketing system which is simple to install via the many e-commerce integrations.  The LeadDyno Slack app allows you to get LeadDyno activity posted to a Slack channel such as new leads, purchases, and affiliate signups.

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Connecting To Slack

To get started visit your LeadDyno Dashboard > Apps > + App Store > Other > Add Slack

You will be prompted to log into Slack and click Authorize. Choose which channel to post LeadDyno updates. 

Once you log in, after a brief pause, you will be redirected back to LeadDyno, which should show you as connected:

If you want to choose exactly what LeadDyno activity is posted to your Slack channel, you can customize it by pressing the  Edit button, and then choosing the events you want to be sent to Slack. You can disconnect LeadDyno from sending Slack notifications by clicking the Disconnect button.

Changing the Slack Channel

To change the Slack channel, disconnect the Slack app in Apps and re-add it. During activation, you can choose the channel. 

Limitations / Known Issues


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