This guide explains how to integrate Stripe purchases and subscriptions into LeadDyno. The integration between Stripe and LeadDyno allows automated tracking of lead conversion, cancellation, and affiliate compensation for purchases made via Stripe.

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Install Lead Tracking Code

The first step to enable the integration is to make sure that you are properly capturing lead sources through LeadDyno’s Lead Tracking functionality. View our guide on setting up LeadDyno Lead tracking. Stripe only provides purchase (i.e. total amount) and cancellation information and so lead tracking must be configured as well.

Enabling Stripe Integration

Once you have lead tracking enabled, enabling the Stripe Integration is a simple affair. From your LeadDyno Dashboard visit Apps > + App Store > Add Stripe

Stripe will ask you to approve the connection. Click  Connect my Stripe account:

You will be redirected back to LeadDyno:

And you are finished! Stripe will now stream purchase and cancellation information to LeadDyno.

Disabling Stripe Integration

You can disconnect LeadDyno from Stripe by clicking the  Disconnect from Stripe button.


LeadDyno allows for discount codes in Stripe. It requires that an individual affiliate have an affiliate code in their LeadDyno account and a matching coupon & promotion code added to Stripe. The process requires manually adding the code/coupon&promotion code on both LeadDyno and Stripe. 

Add a coupon in LeadDyno on the Affiliates detail page. 

Add a matching coupon in Stripe.

Also, on the page of the newly-created coupon, add a matching promotion code.

Resynchronize Affiliate Data

Bulk Affiliate Code Synchronization

You can also resynchronize your existing affiliate data to Stripe from the Apps section.  Click on edit to access your settings.

Here, you can enable an option to automatically sync all future affiliate codes to Stripe and to resynchronize your current affiliate data with  Stripe as well. To do this, please enable the 'Automatically Sync Affiliate Coupons' option and click Save

Individual Affiliate Code Synchronization

You can also synchronize affiliate data for a specific affiliate, which is helpful if you don't want to resync all of your codes. To do this, you need to first find the affiliate in the Affiliates tab. Once there, select re-sync > stripe_connect > re-sync and the coupon code for this affiliate will synchronize with Stripe.


The following setting determines whether LeadDyno tracks subscription charges based on specific transactions vs. start/end dates. The setting is enabled (recommended) by default on all new accounts and you should not need to adjust this setting at any time. If you have any questions please contact us before making any changes as it can have unintended and irreversible consequences to your account. 

Setting up Per Product Commissions

Setting up Per Product Commissions for Stripe can be done by adding the Stripe product IDs to the Line Item SKU list for your commission plans by selecting the "line-item" option from the "Payment For" commission plan section.

First, you need to find the Stripe product IDs that you wish to add to your LeadDyno commission plans. The product ID can be found by accessing one of your products in Stripe, as shown below:

Then, you need to select the "line-item" option from the "Payment For" commission plan section and add the required Stripe product IDs in the Line Item SKU list:

If you need to add more than one product ID for a specific commission plan, please separate the product IDs using commas.

Note: If you are selling products through an e-commerce platform (e.g: Bigcommerce), but your checkout is done through Stripe, please use the per product commissions feature based on your e-commerce platform instead. In short, this means that the IDs that you add in the Line Item SKU List section need to be the SKU IDs from your e-commerce platform (such as Bigcommerce) rather than your Stripe product IDs. 

Stripe Marketplace

Now, you can add your LeadDyno credentials to Stripe via the LeadDyno app from the Stripe App Marketplace. This will allow you to have a view of key LeadDyno affiliate program statistics directly within Stripe.

LeadDyno users can see sales, commissions, affiliate traffic, and new affiliate counts generated through their affiliate marketing campaigns directly in Stripe. So you can focus on business growth, not busy work.

Rest assured your systems of record are in sync. Our app adds context in LeadDyno or Stripe to give you a fuller picture of your business, or a deep link back into LeadDyno.

In case you wish to edit settings/data or you want to do more advanced actions regarding your LeadDyno account, you can click the "Go to LeadDyno dashboard" hyperlink and you will be redirected to your LeadDyno dashboard.

Limitations / Known Issues

The Stripe integration is not compatible with Stripe's Test mode. To test how the integration works, please use Stripe's Live mode instead.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.