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Our tracking software will allow you to track sales and manage your own affiliate program while selling on Recurly.

When you integrate Recurly with LeadDyno, you can attract affiliates to join your affiliate program because subscription purchases are a win-win. With a single sale can result in commissions for several months, your affiliates will continue to be motivated to promote your website, products, and services even further.

Quick Setup

Get your Recurly affiliate marketing or referral program setup in just a few minutes. No technical experience required.

More than referral tracking

Start tracking clicks, leads, sales as well as your other marketing campaigns once you integrate Recurly with LeadDyno.

Automate your marketing

Customers can be the best affiliates.Automatically invite your customers who make purchases with Recurly to join your Recurly affiliate marketing program.

This guide explains how to integrate Recurly purchases and subscriptions into LeadDyno. The integration between Recurly and LeadDyno allows automated tracking of lead conversion, cancellation, and affiliate compensation for purchases made via Recurly hosted pages.

If you are not using Recurly Hosted Payment Pages, please see this documentation instead.

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Recurly Hosted Payment Page Settings

The first step to enable the integration is to make sure Recurly Hosted Payment Pages are enabled. Login to your Recurly account, go to Configuration >  Hosted Payment Pages from the left menu, and make sure Enable Hosted Payment Pages is checked. Review the other settings and adjust if necessary.

Recurly Plan Settings

To obtain the Hosted Payment Page URL within Recurly, click on Configuration >  Plans in the left menu and then click on the plan you wish to use. The Plan Code must match the Commission Plan configured in the Commissions section of the LeadDyno Dashboard.

On this page, you will see the  Hosted Page URL. This is the URL your website will link to when customers are ready to make a purchase.

Recurly Webhooks

In order for LeadDyno to receive events about purchases made by your customers, you must configure a Recurly Push Notification to be sent to LeadDyno. This is done in Recurly by going to Integrations > Webhooks.

Click on the Configure button and Configure a new endpoint

And then in the Webhook URL text field, put in the following:

Replace YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY with your private API key found in the Account - Profile section.

For endpoint enter: LeadDyno.

Leave both the HTTP Auth Username and HTTP Auth Password fields blank.

Click Save Changes and you are done configuring Recurly.

Enable Recurly Integration with LeadDyno

This section assumes the regular LeadDyno visitor tracking is already installed on your website. If not, see our Installation Guide for details, and return here after it is installed.

The integration with Recurly is very simple. All that needs to be done is to add a special parameter to any link to the Recurly hosted payment page at the end of the URL.

Before the modification, the link to the Recurly Hosted Payment page might look like this on your page:

<a href="">Subscribe!</a>

To enable the integration add  /{{}} at the end of the link URL. For example, the above would become:

<a href="{{}}">Subscribe!</a>

The variable  {{}} will be replaced by the LeadDyno visitor ID and when the Recurly Push Notification is sent to LeadDyno (configured in the previous section), we will match up the visitor with the purchase and perform the appropriate action.


LeadDyno is able to seamlessly integrate with Recurly for transactions that occur on your Hosted Payment Pages. All Recurly transactions are automatically sent to LeadDyno to track conversions, cancellations, and affiliate compensation.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.