Testing Lead Dyno

Testing LeadDyno can be a bit tricky because of the tracking technology we use. It is a very “sticky” tracking mechanism so that we can successfully track users across domains while still avoiding the pitfalls and likely future issues with Third-Party Cookies.

In order to properly test LeadDyno’s tracking, you should use a fresh cookie session. The easiest way to do this is to use something like Google Chrome’s excellent Incognito Mode, which allows you to easily create new cookie sessions without clearing your current cookie cache.

Below are the steps you can use to test LeadDyno, using Incognito Mode:

Step By Step

Step 1) Ensure No Existing Incognito Windows Are Open

First, establish that no Incognito windows are currently open in Chrome. Look for any existing Chrome windows with the Incognito logo on them:

Close all Incognito windows if they're open.

Step 2) Open A New Incognito Window

Next, open a fresh Incognito Window:

Step 3) Copy And Paste In Affiliate Link

Copy the affiliate link of the affiliate you would like to test:

And paste it into the new Incognito URL field in Chrome and hit enter.

Step 4) Verify That The Visitor Was Tracked

Return to LeadDyno and make a note of the affiliate's visitor count. Next, refresh the affiliate's page. You should see the visitor count for the affiliate has incremented:

Continue through your registration/purchase process and ensure that LeadDyno is being sent Lead and Purchase information via your installation.


That’s it! You can now test as many affiliate links (and Tracking Campaign) as you’d like. Just be sure to use a New Incognito Session (that is, close all existing Incognito windows and reopen a fresh one) for each link you wish to test.

Note on Purchase Testing

When making a test purchase, do not use an email address that you use to receive payments for your business or that you’ve registered your LeadDyno account with. The application will not recognize this as a commissionable transaction.

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