Deleting (Archiving) Affiliates

This article will show you how to archive unwanted or no longer needed affiliates. We do not offer full deletion for purposes of data integrity, but for all intents and purposes archiving is effectively the same as deletion. It differs only in the fact that the data still exists and is accessible should you choose to recover it. You can think of archiving as similar to archiving an email on your typical email platform, such as Google Mail.

In this article

Archiving affiliates

To archive, one or more affiliates, head to Affiliates - Manage and perform the following steps.

  • Select one (or more) affiliates;
  • Click the Actions button;
  • Click the Archive Affiliates action.

Viewing archived affiliates

By default, all affiliates (including the archived ones) get displayed in the Affiliates - Manage section. To only view your archived affiliates, click the All Affiliate Statuses dropdown at the top of the section, and then select the Archived filter.

Recovering archived affiliates

When you have found an affiliate(s) you want to recover, as instructed in viewing archived affiliates above, you can follow these steps to recover them.

  • Select one (or more) affiliates;
  • Click the Actions button;
  • Click the Unarchive Affiliates action.

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