Managing Affiliate Paypal Accounts

As detailed in our article Affiliate Compensation, affiliates can be paid via Paypal. When an affiliate signs up to your program, the email address provided will also be treated as their Paypal account's email address by default. However, this leaves a vital question on how their Paypal details can be changed. This article aims to answer that question.

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Manually editing Paypal accounts

When you create an affiliate manually, or when one already exists in your system, the option to edit their account is always available. As shown below, you can set their Paypal email address there. If it is left blank, it will resume the default of the LeadDyno affiliate account's email address.

  • Select an affiliate from the affiliates page;
  • Select the Edit button;
  • Enter a new Paypal email address;
  • Click Save Affiliate.

Allowing affiliates to set their own Paypal account

You can also enable some settings that let affiliates manage their Paypal accounts by themselves. They can do this in the affiliate dashboard.

Now your affiliates will be able to update their Paypal email in the affiliate dashboard.

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