Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliates can track their own progress in real-time via their  Affiliate Dashboard. You will provide them with a unique link to their dashboard so that they can monitor their current clicks, leads, and conversions.

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Accessing an Affiliate's Dashboard

When a new affiliate is created, LeadDyno will assign them two unique links. The first is their unique referral link, which they will use in promoting your product. The second is a link to their Affiliate Dashboard, where they can view their progress and upcoming payments, and access promotional materials.

To access a specific affiliate's dashboard, visit Affiliates - Manage, and then click on an Affiliate’s name or email address to access their information. The URL is the direct and secure link to their Affiliate Dashboard.

To view the affiliate dashboard, (but not for a specific affiliate) click on your profile image and select Go to your affiliate website.

Affiliate Dashboard Tour

Here’s what affiliates see when they log in. Different areas can be customized with your own text and branding. View our guide on customizing your affiliate website.

Affiliate Link Sharing

Affiliates can access their unique referral link below the welcome message in the dashboard. They can also share their link with a single click by clicking the social share button for Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Remember, you can provide the initial promotional copy for each medium via the Marketing Materials section. View more information on setting up affiliate links

Tracking Progress and Payments

Affiliates can view their traffic, sales, and payment numbers in real time by logging into their dashboard. Basic stats are available on the affiliate homepage.

And further details on the Analytics tab.

Additional Promotional Materials

Promotional materials for websites - such as banner ads - are located under the Marketing Materials tab within the Affiliate Dashboard. The HTML for each banner already contains their affiliate link, so they can simply copy/paste the HTML directly into their site. Visit Content in your Dashboard to manage your Marketing Materials.

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