Affiliate Applications

LeadDyno offers you the ability to auto-approve affiliates on signup or to require they be manually approved. By default, all affiliates are auto-approved. The following guide will show you how to require affiliate approval and view, approve or reject affiliate applications. 

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Require affiliate approval

To require affiliate approval visit Website > Additional Settings. 

1. Click the checkbox Affiliates Require Approval?

2. Enter an optional Pending Affiliate Message and click Save all Changes at bottom of the page.

If you added the Pending Affiliate Message it will appear on a page after an affiliate signed up for your program. 

View Affiliate Applications

To visit pending affiliates visit Affiliates. The status next to an affiliate's name will show as Pending Approval.

Approve Affiliate Applications

To approve affiliates select the checkbox for the affiliates you want to approve. Click the Actions button and then click Approved Pending Affiliates

You will be prompted to approve the selected affiliates.

Reject Affiliate Applications

To reject affiliates from joining your affiliate program, visit Affiliates, and select the checkbox for the affiliates you want to decline. Click the Actions button and then click Reject Pending Affiliates. You will be prompted to confirm rejecting the selected affiliates. 

When an affiliate is rejected, they will NOT receive any notification that the application was declined. You can view the Rejected affiliates by searching for their email address while the  Include Archived box is checked. Once rejected, the affiliate can not be approved at a later time. They would need to reapply using a different email address. 

Custom Application Fields

To get additional information about each affiliate when they signup, consider adding Custom Fields. It will allow you to ask affiliates different questions during the signup process. To enable this feature and add fields view our guide on adding Custom Fields to your signup form

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.