Recurring Commissions

Recurring commissions are a means of telling your commission plan to recurrently produce commissions every month, initiated by a single purchase. They were added to the platform to support recurrent commissions for subscription-based purchases. Some integration platforms that support subscriptions only send a start/cancel subscription hook and the subscription payments in between would not be recognized by LeadDyno as a purchase. Platforms that behave this way will require recurring commissions to be set up on LeadDyno if you want the commission to be paid on every subscription payment. See below to determine whether you need recurring commissions setting on LeadDyno or not. 

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Subscription integrations and their requirements

LeadDyno offers integrations with the following services that support subscriptions or recurring purchases.

Integration Requires "Recurring Payments" for subscriptions?
Recharge (only on Shopify) NO
Recurly (hosted version) YES
Recurly (non-hosted version) YES

Setting up recurring commissions

To set up recurring commissions, head over to the commission plans page and add a new payment plan. In the advanced options section, you will see the recurring commissions option at the very bottom of the page.

By enabling the checkbox Repeat payment? recurring commissions will be activated. The dropdown below will allow you to select for how long it will recur. Every month until the specified time in the dropdown, the commission will be applied.

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