Affiliate Compensation

LeadDyno offers you the ability to pay your affiliates in a variety of ways. This guide will take you through paying an affiliate. Paying affiliates is done through the  Pay Affiliates option under the Manage menu as shown below.

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Manual Affiliate Payments

If you have your own system of paying affiliates, you may choose to mark your affiliate as paid manually. To do this, you simply select  Manual next to the corresponding commission for an affiliate.

To the Affiliate, the commission will now be shown as “Paid” as soon the manual payment has finished processing.

Handling Erroneous Payments

In the case that a commission is accidentally paid manually, you can simply create a Manual Commission from that Affiliate’s page and then follow the previous steps to pay again.

Paying Affiliates through Paypal

LeadDyno offers native support of paying affiliates through Paypal. To do so, simply select the  Paypal button next to the affiliate’s commission log and it will prompt you to log in to your Paypal account.

Note: The affiliate’s email is the same email Paypal will send payments to.

Paying Affiliates through Paypal Mass Payments

LeadDyno offers support of paying multiple affiliates simultaneously through Paypal Mass Payments.

To enable Mass Payments, simply submit the form on the Payment Integrations Page. Once submitted, you should be able to select multiple affiliates on the Commissions page and click ‘Actions’, then ‘Pay via Paypal MassPay’.

Paying Affiliates through Coinbase

LeadDyno offers an integration with Coinbase that allows for paying affiliates with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, or any token available on Coinbase. For more information on submitting payments by Coinbase view our Coinbase integration docs.

Paying Affiliates through Webhook Payment

LeadDyno offers a Webhook Payment integration that allows you to use LeadDyno's payment webhook in order to call out via an HTTP post to another URL to handle affiliate payments. By implementing a custom webhook payment, you can handle the affiliate payout using whatever system you would like.

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