Currency Control

The following guide provides details on how to setup currencies for purchases and commissions. It also has a list of all currently available currencies. 

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Purchase Currencies

Purchases are tracked as just a number (not treated as a convertible currency). In the global currency settings, you can change the currency the purchase values will be displayed as. It is recommended to keep this the same as the currency you expect purchases to be paid with.

You can modify your currency setting on the account settings page.

Now the selected currency will be reflected on all purchases in the form of a currency symbol.

Commission Currencies

The commission can be paid out in different currencies, but any percentage calculations in a commission plan will be purely numeric. We do not do any currency conversion.

You can modify the currency setting of a commission plan on the affiliate payments ( commission plans) page.

Available Currencies

Brazilian Real
British Pounds
Canadian Dollars
Chilean Pesos
Colombian Peso
Croatian Kuna
Danish Krone
Emirati Dirham
Ethereum Classic
Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian forint
Icelandic króna
Indian Rupee
Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli Shekel
Japanese Yen
Kenyan Shilling
Malaysian Ringgit
Mexican Peso
New Taiwan Dollar
New Zealand Dollars
Nigerian Naira
Norwegian Kroner
Pakistani rupee
Peruvian sol
Philippine Pesos
Polish złoty
Qatari riyal
Russian Ruble
Rwandan franc
Saudi riyal
Singapore Dollar
South African Rand
Sri Lankan Rupee
Swedish Krona
Swiss Francs
Thai Baht
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
Turkish Lira
United States Dollars
Vietnamese Dong

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