Recalculating Commissions

Sometimes you will want to recalculate existing commissions based on changes to your commission plans. There are two methods for you to do this.

To recalculate in bulk, you must first head to your traffic tab and view purchases. Then, as shown below, you can select multiple purchases via the check-boxes, and use Recalculate Commissions for Selected Purchases from the Actions dropdown.

When you recalculate purchases using the select all check-box in the purchases tab, it will only recalculate the purchases on that page. You must go through each page and repeat the action if you want to recalculate more than those on the current page.
Be wary of selecting purchases for which commission has already been paid. If you recalculate the commission, a new one will appear, and you may end up paying twice.

You can also recalculate commissions for purchases directly on the full pageview. To do this, first click on the ID of the purchase whose commission you would like to recalculate.

On this page, you can edit or cancel the purchase, and (most importantly), recalculate commissions.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.