New Customer Bounty

Incentivize affiliates with a commission if they refer a new customer. The New Customer Bounty payment type applies only to new customers and not those customers who have previously made purchases from your company. The New Customer Bounty is one of several Commission Plan features

To set up a New Customer Bounty visit Commissions > Commission Plan > Add New Payment. From here you can Create a New Payment Type.

Under Payment For select New-Customer-Bounty. Next, select how much (i.e. $10, 20%) you want to reward an affiliate for a new customer, when to release the payment, and which affiliates this Payment Type will apply to and click Save

After clicking Save you will see the New Customer Bounty appear in your list of commission plans. In the example below, All Affiliates will receive $10 for every new customer they refer, and the payment will release to the affiliate 1 month after the transaction. 

Note that in the example below there are two Payment types. 

  1. New customer bounty $10
  2. 20% for purchases

If the purchase was from a new customer the affiliate will receive $10% AND 20% for the same order. If the order was a customer's second purchase they would only receive the 20% on the order. Each Payment type will be applied that is relevant for the specific transaction, it isn't one or the other. 

LeadDyno is unable to view customer data prior to you joining LeadDyno. For this reason, New Customer Bounty uses the list of customers from the time you joined our service. 

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.