Follow Up Emails

You can set up follow up emails or email sequences that are sent automatically to your new leads, customers, or users who cancelled their order. Follow-up emails are an excellent way to engage customers and prospects in a highly scalable and automated manner.

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Types of Follow-up emails

There are three types of email sequences that can be set up which include new leads, new customers, cancellations. The emails will be automatically be sent immediately or on a specific number of days after they become a lead/customer/cancellation. 

Leads - A Lead is someone who gives you their email address (ie. signs up for your free newsletter) or signs up for a free trial. 
Customers - A lead who makes a purchase of your product or service.
Cancellations - Any user who cancelled their order or stopped using your subscription service. 

Set Up Follow Up Emails

To set up follow-up emails, visit Tools > Follow Up Emails

To get started, click Add Email Sequence.

For each email in the sequence, specify the number of days to wait before the email is sent. To have an email sent immediately, enter “0” for this value. 

Select your sender email, enter an email subject and body. Click SAVE.

You can add as many emails to the sequence as you want. To test the effectiveness of each of your emails consider setting up Tracking Campaigns to know how often your links are clicked on and result in other

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