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LeadDyno’s Social Media Sharing Widget is a “one-click” way for your website visitors to share your product on social media.

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About the Sharing Widget

Social platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Email

It works just like the social media sharing buttons you see on when you view or buy a product there:

When your website visitors click one of the sharing buttons, they will automatically be logged into their account on that platform. And they’ll have a message ready to post for their friends and followers that is specific to your product. For example, if one of your visitors clicks the Facebook button, they’ll be logged into Facebook with a Wall Post ready to go. That Wall Post will contain your product information. LeadDyno’s Sharing Widget is “smart” enough to pull these details from your page automatically (again, just like Amazon).

The sharing links are tracked by LeadDyno’s affiliate tracking code. If the person is already an affiliate of yours, they will get credit for every click and purchase they send your way as a result of their "share".


Installation involves configuring the sharing widget code to fit your desired styling and then simply copy and paste the code onto a page that you’d like a sharing widget.

To get started visit Tools > Sharing Widget.

Set up your sharing widget by clicking Configure Widget

Choose the Style, Icon Size, Set Padding, and decide if you want to display the Sharing names and Label. Once completed click Finish Configuration

If you’re using an e-commerce integration, this may involve editing a product page’s theme template to include our sharing widget. To get the code click Copy Widget HTML to Clipboard or View Raw HTML. There are many different types of websites and if you are unsure how/where to copy the code to contact your developer. 

Sharing Tracking

When an affiliate or customer chooses to share your page, it will be shown on your Sharing Widget dashboard, including how many visits and leads were created due to the share. If the share came from an affiliate, you will see the source as that affiliate’s name, if shared by a customer in general, you will see ‘Unknown’ as the source.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.