To prevent synthetic accounts from joining your affiliate program enable reCAPTCHA in your LeadDyno account. 

Visit Website > Additional Settings. Click the checkbox next to Require ReCAPTCHA and click SAVE.

Generate your own set of V2 keys by visiting reCAPTCHA. Click Admin Console to register your site. 

Enter a Label (anything you want, e.g. My Website), Select reCAPTCHA v2 (v3 will not work). For the Domains, enter if your affiliate program is hosted by LeadDyno. If you use a custom domain enter your own domain name. Accept the reCaptcha Terms of Service and click Submit

Copy the site and secret key.

Paste the key and secret under Website > Settings > Custom Domain reCAPTCHA Keys and click Save all Changes.

Visit your affiliate website and validate that the CAPTCHA is enabled.

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