Account Plans & Billing

LeadDyno service plans are based on your unique website traffic. Each plan has a specific limit based on the number of unique visitors that visit your website each month. Only unique visitors are counted. If a website visitor goes to your website multiple times in a month, it only counts as one user. 

If you exceed the monthly traffic limit of your plan, all of the extra tracked visits will be billed based on your plan's cost per usage, as per our Pricing page.

The cost-per-usage for our currently Active plans is the following:

  • Starter ($49/mo) - $0.10
  • Plus ($129/mo) - $0.05
  • Pro ($349/mo) - $0.01
  • Premium ($749/mo) - $0.001

As an example, if you are subscribed to the Plus plan and you have 16,000 unique visitors tracked this month, you will be charged a total of $179:

  • $129 for the Plus subscription
  • $50 (1000 x $0.05) for the cost per usage, the tracked visits that exceeded your monthly traffic limit

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Plan FAQ

What is a unique visitor? 

Unique visitors refer to the actual number of people who visit your website for a given period of time. If a visitor visits your website multiple times in a day or month, it is counted as one unique visitor. 

Why do you charge based on traffic? 

LeadDyno tracking goes beyond simple tracking for affiliates. LeadDyno tracks visitors, leads, sales, and social shares from many channels. We need to do this to implement features like "First Source Wins", where we know if a user has visited your site before clicking an affiliate link. 

The amount of data that is collected grows significantly as your traffic grows. It is collected to help you measure the success of all of your marketing efforts, for example, Tracking Campaigns are particularly useful for ad tracking

How do I upgrade?

Visit the upgrade page in your LeadDyno account to choose the right plan for your current traffic. 

Which plan should I choose?

LeadDyno plans are based on the amount of traffic to your website. Choose a plan that meets your current traffic levels. If your traffic grows in a few months, not to worry, we have plans for more than 1,000,000+ unique visitors per month. LeadDyno considers your two-month rolling average of unique website visitors when determining whether they are on the right plan. 

What happens when I go over my limit?

For Legacy plan customers, LeadDyno will notify you and let you know that it is time to upgrade to a plan that matches your current traffic level.

For currently Active plan customers, all of the extra tracked visits will be billed based on your plan’s cost per usage, as explained in the example presented above.

Are you collecting any type of tax?

LeadDyno collects state and local sales tax where applicable (for USA and Canada).
Because your address is used to determine the correct tax rate, or whether any tax is due, please take a moment to update your account's address to ensure you are charged correctly. You can update your address by accessing the Settings section and editing the Physical Address field. 
This applies only to US-based and Canadian-based billing addresses.

If your organization is tax-exempt or qualifies for sales tax exemption, please send your organization's information and a copy of a valid tax-exempt certificate to

How can I download my past invoices and check my upcoming invoice?

If you are not billed via Shopify, this can be done from the Settings - Plan&Payments section of your account, by clicking on the option that allows you to view your full account billing details.

Then, you will be able to see the details for your upcoming invoice or you can download past invoices by clicking on the "Invoice URL" hyperlinks.

If you are billed via Shopify, you can check more details regarding your LeadDyno invoice through the section that you normally use to check other Shopify invoices.